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Rachel Whitlock '14

Student Scotlights:
Rachel Whitlock '14

For Rachel Whitlock, the decision to come to Monmouth College was not a difficult one. more

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The Art Department offers courses in a variety of studio fields including ceramics, design, drawing, graphics, painting, photography, sculpture. 

The mission of the programs offered by the Art Department is to shape artistic vision and prepare students for a life of experience with visual art through systematic development of their visual sensitivity and technical skills in studio practice. This artistic vision is grounded in the study of art history and expanded through advanced studio work.

The goals for students who participate in Art Department courses are to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the elements of art and the principles of design in artworks.
  • Understand the techniques, art materials, tools and processes used in various media.
  • Understand how viewing and interpreting artworks is enhanced by knowledge of the content of art.
  • Understand art, including their own, in a historical context.
  • Understand art theory as it applies to art history.

Commitment to the Major

Selecting a Major in Art signifies a high level of interest in and commitment to the Visual Arts. Sometimes that interest begins as a love of making: making images or making objects. Through the program of the Major, that interest will be deepened and refined through learning specific techniques and developing skills with a wide range of materials.

The level of commitment needed by students at advanced levels of the Major is substantial. Students are expected to conduct personal research into historical and contemporary artists for inspiration. Students are encouraged to connect the concepts behind their artworks to content from their course work outside of the department, from their personal experience, and as a result of their thoughtfulness and curiosity about the world. As a culminating experience in the Major, students will mount a professional exhibition of a body of personal work and will give a public presentation about their work.

Graduate School Opportunities

Among the graduate schools from which Monmouth College art majors have received advanced degrees are: Pratt Institute, the University of Chicago, the School of the Art Institute, the University of Iowa, the University of California at Berkeley and at Riverside, Michigan State University, the University of Virginia, Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, Washington University in St. Louis and Mount Mary College.

Career Opportunities

  • Conservation
  • Curatorial
  • Archive Management
  • Publisher
  • Painter
  • Advertising
  • Art Therapy
  • Journalism
  • Surface Design

Recent Monmouth Art Graduates

Xie Wenshu ’09
KaziaLi Design Collaborative

Nina Marini ’13
Digital Advertising Executive
KWQC Channel 6 News

Desi Swanson ’09
Oil Painter
Swanson Studios