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Introduction to Liberal Arts

The Introduction to the Liberal Arts (ILA) is the course that presents you with multiple disciplinary opportunities to interact with ideas and topics of study.  

As we supply you with the tools and perspectives necessary to understand the complexity of the world, we expect that you will begin using these skills to analyze and evaluate previous understandings of the phenomena around us as well as beginning the work of creating new ideas, solving problems, and pushing the boundary of knowledge further than where you first encountered it.  

Prior to beginning your life as a scholar at Monmouth College, you will need to read two short essays. Doing so will help you step into your role as a class discussant, and it will also help you prepare for the future life you will adopt as a student-scholar.

You are required to read these essays and submit the writing assignments that accompany them before Monday, August 19th.

Why I Read - Randall Silvis
The Allegory of the Cave - Plato

Once you have completed the readings, please submit your assignment online.