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Student Scotlights:
Kaitlyn Miller '15

As a SOFIA participant, Kaitlyn Miller is proud to say that she already has research experience under her belt as a freshman. more

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Internships can be your head start into your professional field, or a way to try out careers that interest you. In either case, the Wackerle Career & Leadership Center is an invaluable resource. Additionally, some academic programs highly recommend internships, and professors frequently refer students to internship opportunities that former students found valuable. A few internships are competitive, and Monmouth can help you prepare for those as well. Most students plan an internship for their junior year or senior year.

Businesses and non-profit organizations post internship opportunities with the Online Career Center of the Wackerle Center. Additionally, you may set up a personal appointment with career center staff to find a more customized internship.

Internship planning and advising may be a key part of your academic program, career exploration and Monmouth experience. An internship experience makes you more attractive to employers, gives you an important reference and demonstrates your abilities in a “real world” setting.

Some recent internship experiences include:
Monmouth students served in the Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program (ILSIP) enabling those students to experience the political world. ILSIP graduates earn credit at the University of Illinois Springfield. Rachel Bold ’10, a communication and international studies major, and Sean MacWilliams ’10, a classics and history major, both planned careers in politics.

Claudia Gomez ’10, a Spanish major, worked for the re-election campaign of Rep. Phil Hare, D-Ill. In a prior internship in Humboldt Park Social Services. Claudia said the experience opened her eyes to the needs of the community and politics. She plans to build her career in politics as well.

Kortney Rupp completed a summer internship with Abbott Labs, a preparatory step in her plans to attend graduate school in chemistry.

Demarco Butler ’10 used his internship with the City of Monmouth, his president’s term in Phi Delta Theta and other leadership roles, to land a two-year position as the first African-American leadership consultant for the Phi Delta Theta international fraternity.

Monica Watson ’11 wrote a blog as part of her internship for Human Rights International.

For mathematics and computer science students, a series of available internship opportunities include Caterpillar, HON Industries and the IT department at Bridgeway in Galesburg.