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Anders Nelson '14

Student Scotlights:
Anders Nelson '14

I have grown in my faith, become more mentally focused, developed my leadership skills, and built friendships that will last a lifetime. more

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Wellness & Athletics


With participation in football games (including marching band, bagpipe band, cheerleading, dance squads, and broadcasting), water polo, soccer, and many other sports, it is safe to say that half of our students participate directly or indirectly with our athletic programs.

Sporting events at Monmouth have greater significance because, for us, they are more than simply athletic events. Our approach calls on us to broadly integrate major events into the life of campus. We surround these games with competitive blood drives, food collections, debate tournaments and the like. When we are at our best, wise student leaders, faculty and administrators use hard-fought contests to demonstrate how to compete and then live in harmony with the competition.


The Wellness Program encompasses two areas, health & fitness and recreational sports.

All Monmouth College students and employees are invited to participate in health and fitness programs that will focus on the mind, body and spirit. Yoga, nutritional information, health fairs, exercise and relaxation programs are all provided.

Through the recreational sports program, a variety of activities are available. Teams are formed, and competition occurs throughout the year in bowling, golf, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, softball, and many others.

The mission of the Wellness Program is to enhance the healthy development of the mind, body, and spirit of members of the campus community through physical exercise, health and fitness awareness in a well maintained environment.