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Costs & Out-of-Pocket 

Costs for the 2016-2017 academic year have been set as follows:

Tuition $35,300
Standard Room $4,690
Board (Meals) $3,610
(New Student) Orientation Fee $190
Total Direct Cost $43,790

While private colleges and state universities can differ significantly in costs, they also differ in scholarships awarded to their students. Our highly successful, distinguished and generous alumni provide large gifts which we in turn award to Monmouth College students. Over 95% of the students at Monmouth College benefit from a combination of academic scholarships or need-based grants making Monmouth College an affordable option for families. In fact, when combining academic scholarships and need-based grants, Monmouth College is more affordable than many state universities.

For families who are just beginning to considering Monmouth College and have not yet received a Financial Assistance Award Letter, please utilize our Net Price Calculator. We trust you will find it helpful and you begin to plan for your future!

For families who have already received a Financial Assistance Award Letter for the coming academic year, the following form entitled “Figuring your Out-of-Pocket Costs” will help you calculate your remaining balance due the college after taking into consideration the scholarships and grants, loans or work opportunities you choose to pursue. Additional information concerning premium housing and meal plan options, as well as, charges for health insurance, parking permits and private music lessons are outlined in the form. Please note, Monmouth College does not have general fees, activity fees, computer access fees, lab fees or such fees as you might typically see at other colleges or universities. Therefore, there should not be any “surprises” when you receive your first billing statement.

Figuring your out-of-pocket costs