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Monmouth College - Wallace Hall
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A Message to Prospective Students

The investment my parents made in my education at Monmouth College is something I will never forget...

From the moment I stepped onto Monmouth College’s campus as a visiting high school senior, I was overwhelmed by its natural beauty and the sense of warmth I felt. As I strolled up the sidewalk leading to the front doors of Wallace Hall, staring at the enormous limestone columns, I remember feeling extremely small. Looking to my right over the lawn covered in beautiful orange and yellow maple leaves, I began daydreaming and recalling my childhood when I had played in the leaves at that exact spot during the years my older cousin had attended Monmouth College.

I will never forget my father’s first response that evening when I told him I wanted to attend Monmouth College. It was “Do you know how much that place costs? It’s private.” I remember my mom’s look of concern as she wondered how in the world we could afford it. At that moment, my family committed to finding a way to finance my schooling in a way that my parents and I could afford, and which would allow me the opportunity to attend the school of my dreams.

Image of Jayne SchreckIn 1986, I joined the Monmouth College campus and in 1990 obtained the degree that opened many doors in my future. The personal attention, the small class sizes, and the dedicated faculty who never failed to engage and challenge students to their fullest potential provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my professional career.

Now, more than thirty years after choosing to attend Monmouth College, Wells Theatre stands on the front lawn where I once played in falling leaves.  Students interested in business, accounting and economics now attend classes in the phenomenal new Center for Science and Business. My parents still believe the sacrifices they made investing in my education was one of the most valuable gifts they could have provided me, and I have the joy of personally watching two children attend Monmouth College and experience first-hand the value of a liberal arts education. And in the Administrative Building on the corner of Broadway and 6th Street, it is my full-time responsibility is to help you realize the value of a Monmouth College degree.

Jayne Schreck
Associate Vice President for Financial Aid
Class of 1990