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Financial Aid Timeline

The process of applying for financial aid can be over-whelming the first time. We realize this and would like to assure you we can help you through the process.

The most important step is to be familiar with the FAFSA Application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This will serve as your application for all federal, state and institutional types of student assistance. Your FAFSA will be processed by the federal government, shared with the state governments and then forwarded to the colleges you list on the application.

Monmouth College should be listed on your FAFSA along with our Title IV Code # 001725.
Once Monmouth College receives the results of your FAFSA, your individual file will be reviewed and a financial aid package prepared specifically for you.

This will begin approximately November 1st of each year and continues on a rolling basis throughout the spring. After reviewing the package, you have the opportunity to accept or reject each individual type of assistance being offered.

Below is a timeline that will help keep you on task as you progress through the next several months.

September - January

Apply for Admission to Monmouth College. Be sure to include ACT/SAT test scores and your official grade transcripts.

After October 1

File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Filing on-line at will provide results within a few days. Be sure to list MC #001725 on the FAFSA application. Filing a FAFSA is an annual event and should be done each October for the following academic year you intend to be enrolled.

October - January

Fine Arts Auditions are held on Monmouth College’s campus for students interested in Latin, Music, Theatre, Art or Bagpiping. Contact our Admission Office (1-800-74-SCOTS) to arrange for an audition time.

November - April

We strongly encourage you to pursue private funding through scholarship search tools on-line.
In addition, financial documents may be requested by our Office of Financial Aid. Once we have all the necessary items to complete your file, we will provide you with a Financial Aid Award Letter which will outline all the sources of funding for which you qualify.

May 1

Confirm your intended enrollment and make the enrollment deposit if you haven’t already done so.


Student Orientation And Registration takes place which allows you to choose your classes for the coming year, see your residence hall, and become more acclimated to our campus.


Loan processing begins in the Office of Financial Aid and the first invoices for the fall semester are sent from our Business Office.


The Fall Semester payment is due.


Students arrive on campus and student employment information is provided by the Office of Financial Aid.


Invoices for the Spring semester are sent by our Business Office.

Early January

The Spring Semester payment is due.