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Distinguished Alumnus Award

2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award
Daniel A. Cotter ’88

Daniel Cotter’s exceptional character and achievements are actively demonstrated in all aspects of his personal life as a devoted father, husband and family member; in his professional life as vice president, general counsel and secretary of Fidelity Life Association; in all areas of civic, cultural and charitable involvement, including more than 500 hours per year of community and board service, in addition to serving as 2014-2015 president of the Chicago Bar Association.

His passion for education and mentoring has helped thousands of inner-city students as well as countless law students and Monmouth College alumni.

Cotter is immediate past chair of the Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth Program, president of the Chicago Bar Association, former chair (for seven years) and vice chair of Edgebrook Public School LSC and first vice president of the John Marshall Law School Alumni Association.

His career in law has been long and distinguished. In addition to his current professional position, he held leadership posts in recent years with the firms of Korey Cotter Heather & Richardson LLC, Lindemann LLC, and Argo Group US, Inc. As president of the Chicago Bar Association, he led the 22,000-member organization in every aspect. He serves on the board of the Chicago Bar Foundation, is a volunteer for The Law Project, and writes a column for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

Other professional organizations to which Cotter has lent his talents include the Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals, the Alliant Credit Union Advisory Board and the Metropolitan Bar Caucus.
As an alumnus of John Marshall Law School, he is active on its alumni association board, its board of visitors, its mentor program and as an adjunct professor. He has also been generous to his alma mater, serving on Monmouth College’s Board of Trustees since 2009, as chair of the Chicagoland Alumni Chapter, as a coach and judge for Monmouth’s moot court competition, and as a significant donor and recruiter of students.

Cotter’s extensive community involvement activities include service on the Edgebrook Public School Council, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, Lawyers Lend-A-Hand To Youth, and Boy Scouts of America.

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