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Distinguished Service Award

2015 Distinguished Service Award
George “Deeks” Carroll Jr. ’62

“Deeks” Carroll has served tirelessly as a secretary, organizer and motivator for fellow alumni in his class, and as a vocal advocate for Monmouth College.

A sociology major and art minor, he credits professors Harlow Blum and Martha Hamilton for nurturing his interest in art, which led to his earning his MFA in ceramics, sculpture and art history at the University of Chicago, and pursuing his own long career as an art teacher. Named to “Who’s Who in American Education,” he received Teacher of the Year Awards from both Moraine Valley Community College and Amos Alonzo Stagg High School.

Carroll’s devotion to Monmouth College was also fueled by the grounding in the liberal arts he received from the college’s distinguished faculty, including sociology professor Madge Sanmann, who taught him that learning comes as much from conversation and social interaction as it does from a formal lecture. That proved true through the lessons in cooperation and leadership he learned as a member of Theta Chi fraternity and the lifelong friendships he developed as a member of the wrestling team, for which he was a four-year letterman and co-captain.

As class secretary since 2002, Carroll writes engaging letters that are eagerly anticipated by the Class of 1962. At his 45th reunion, he challenged classmates to raise $100,000 for a scholarship that would be presented in conjunction with their 50th reunion. Organizing the committees, working the phones and sending correspondence over the next five years, his leadership led to a record reunion turnout, the completion of a comprehensive class directory and a scholarship fund that totals $104,000.

Carroll visits campus several times a year to meet with scholarship candidates and recipients. He remains in contact with local alumni and retired faculty. He also represented the Class of 1962 at the inaugurations of Presidents Giese and Wyatt.

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