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Family of the Year
Courtney Jonsson '14

Student Scotlights:
Courtney Jonsson '14

Upon graduating from Monmouth College with degrees in both history and theatre, Courtney Jonsson was offered a position at West Virginia Public Theatre as a props designer... more

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Family of the Year

2014 Family of the Year Award
The Ford Family

Robert Ford and his wife, Evelyn (Dolly) graduated from Monmouth College in 1952. Ford used his degree to help run the family farming business throughout his lifetime, while Dolly taught physical education and math in the Stronghurst/Southern School District for 25 years and coached volleyball, track and cheerleading.

Their three daughters, Kathy Ford Vitali ’76, Kris Ford Peterson ’81 graduate and Kelly Ford ’85 followed in their footsteps, as did Kelly’s daughter, Samantha Bundy ’12.

The Fords have been active in giving to the college financially and in serving in key leadership roles. Over the years, they have been instrumental in sending other students to Monmouth College and helping them find gainful employment after graduation. Dolly passed away in June of 2013, and Robert died exactly one year later.

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