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Fighting Scots Society
Abrafi Osei-Kofi '17

Student Scotlights:
Abrafi Osei-Kofi '17

At Monmouth, we read and write a lot more than my other schools. Here, I've learned to better analyze information and think critically. more

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Fighting Scots Society

The Fighting Scots Society is an invaluable resource in enabling us to meet the financial challenges associated with conducting our programs.

With nearly 1/3 of Monmouth’s student body involved in our athletic programs Fighting Scots Society support makes a significant impact across the entire campus. Contributions benefit all athletic teams and are used to upgrade facilities, purchase weight training and video equipment, uniforms, and fund travel. Additionally, each year we are able to complete special projects around campus, such as installing retractable blinds in the natatorium and purchasing new football uniforms. Recently, the society helped underwrite the first annual Fighting Scots Awards Night, modeled after the Espy’s.

Upcoming Projects

Our athletic programs have expanded substantially in recent years. As a result, our coaches and student-athletes are in need of additional space in which to gather for meetings. This year we hope to create a multi-sport instructional space within Huff Athletic, equipped for this purpose with additional lockers and a space designated for learning.

Though gifts of any amount are welcomed and appreciated, we encourage you today to be a "Leader in the Locker Room" by supporting this effort with a gift of $150 or more.

Also, those who support the cause with a gift of $1,000 or more will be recognized at our "Coaches Level."


Between two lockers are the words 'Leaders in the Locker Room.'

ARAMARK Global Business Services
David Arnold ’63
Julie Arnold ’65
Julie Blaesing ’95
Michael Blaesing ’96
Cheryl Bloomer
Steve Bloomer ’83
Kim Fornero
Howard Fulford ’63
George Hartung ’51
Mary Kimmel ’45
Sonje Lafferty
William Lafferty ’55
Juan Mitchell ’90
Vicki Mitchell ’88
Michelle Moy ’89
Brad Nahrstadt ’89

Debra Nahrstadt
The Hon. John J. Scotillo ’72
Nancy Scotillo
Michael Silver
Robert Silver
Diane Smith
Sherman Smith ’72
Jeffrey Steinberger ’69
Cheryl Stinauer
Robert Stinauer ’76
Bill Turner ’93
Martha Whiteman
Ralph Whiteman ’52
Suzanne Woll
Lee Yahnke
Richard Yahnke ’66

A clipboard reads 'Coaches Level.' A whistle hangs from the clipboard.

Doug Carlson ’66
Gene Dawson ’63
Jane Dawson ’64
Beverly Goldsborough
Bill Goldsborough ’65

John "Jack" Feeheley ’52 Memorial
Alan Hatfield ’69
Phyllis Kettering ’58
MTC Communications, Inc.
Jane Pratt

Completed Projects

Fiscal Year 2013-14
Installed new retractable blinds in Pepper Natatorium to block the sun for our water polo, swimming and diving teams.
Purchased new uniforms, both jerseys and pants, for our Football team.
Football players sport their new red and white jerseys

Fiscal year 2014-15
The “Paint the Hall Red” project was finished in the fall of 2015. This excited project has now transformed the drab corridors in the lower level of Huff Athletic Center into dramatic and vibrant canvas, using colorful graphics combined with large action photographs of all our Fighting Scots varsity teams.
The new wall mural features black and white photographs of Monmouth athletic action against a brick background with Monmouth Fighting Scots logos and colors.