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Faculty Information

Disability Services is an ally for faculty in working with students with disabilities. Providing a supportive environment requires the cooperation of faculty, students, Disability Services, and the College to provide all students with disabilities a learning environment that affords them equal access and reasonable accommodations of their disabilities.

Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis by considering the disability documentation provided by the student, the functional impact of the student's disability, and the essential requirements of the student's courses, programs, and activities. Disability Services works in conjunction with faculty to determine appropriate accommodations for students in their courses. Please contact Disability Services at the Teaching and Learning Center, 2nd floor Poling Hall, 309-457-2257, or with specific disability or accommodation related questions.

Most of the questions about teaching and accommodations can be found in:

  • Your rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of your students with disabilities.
  • The procedures involved in proctored exams and facilitating testing accommodations.
  • Facilitating non-test accommodations (such as note-taking).
  • Details about accessible labs, field trips, meeting places, and other accessibility considerations.
  • Frequently asked questions of faculty.