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Student Leadership Awards Banquet
Rachel Whitlock '14

Student Scotlights:
Rachel Whitlock '14

For Rachel Whitlock, the decision to come to Monmouth College was not a difficult one. more

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The Intercultural House is home to three entities: The Office of Intercultural Life, which oversees all Intercultural Life programming and events; The Center for Intercultural Life which serves as a meeting and social gathering space for  groups of up to 25-30 people; and a Residential Theme House for students from all walks of life.

The Executive Board of any of the Intercultural Life student clubs, and/or active members of Intercultural Life Student Organizations, Clubs and Committees, qualify to live in the house. Interested students fill out an application to live there during the annual theme housing sign-up.

The Office of Intercultural Life can be found in room 103. Headed by the Director of Intercultural Life, the Office provides support to meet the needs of American minority students and international students. The Office staff includes an Assistant Director and three student program interns.

Services include

  • Personal and academic advising  
  • Help in the transition to college  
  • Providing information on scholarships, internships and employment opportunities in conjunction with other offices 
  • Mentoring for First Time Freshman/Transfer students

The Center for Intercultural Life is located on the main floor of the house, along with the Diversity Resource Room. The second floor serves as the Residential Theme House for students. The third floor is the home to Mu Lambda Rho members.