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New Beginnings
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Student Scotlights:
Kaitlyn Miller '15

As a SOFIA participant, Kaitlyn Miller is proud to say that she already has research experience under her belt as a freshman. more

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New Beginnings

Fall 2015, August 18-21

The Office of Intercultural Life offers a three-day transition program for all multicultural students. The purpose of this program is to help new multicultural students to make a successful transition from high school to college. For many multicultural students, especially those coming from large cities like Chicago and St. Louis, transition to a college located in a small town is a challenge. For some who may be leaving home for the first time college could be a bigger challenge.

New Beginnings offers information and activity sessions to help make the transition to academic life in a largely unfamiliar territory smoother. The information sessions include topics such as:

  • Conversations about new beginnings, academic life and expectations for Monmouth College students
  • Managing family and academic obligations
  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Familiarizing students with who, where, and when to seek help
  • Effective time management

Important dates:

  • Students who register for New Beginningswill receive an email confirmation with details for their arrival and check in location.
  • New Beginnings program starts on Tuesday August 18 and ends on Friday August 21st.
  • Click here to register from June 15 – July 31.