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Meal Plans

Board plan options per semester:

Traditional Meal Plans
The Edinburgh - 21 meals/week and $165 Flex Dollars $1,880.00
The Haddington - 14 meals/week and $265 Flex Dollars $1,880.00
The Dundee - 19 meals/week and $215 Flex Dollars $1,880.00
The Aberdeen - 10 meals/week and $415 Flex Dollars $1,880.00

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars are used just like cash in any of our cash operations. They offer the flexibility of eating whenever you like with choices like our Montague's Deli in Scotland Yard or even purchasing a couple of candy bars in The Scot's Market. They are coded onto your ID card and all you have to do to spend them is present your card to the cashier when you check out. They provide security and convenience and that's a delicious combination!