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College Security

24 Hour Coverage

Round-the-clock security coverage is provided when college is in session. Security officers are available 24 hours a day seven days a week the during academic year.

Security Vehicles

Monmouth College security officers use a designated security vehicle to respond to emergency situations. The vehicle has appropriate equipment including a first aid kit.

Help with Vehicles

Monmouth College Security offers its services to help jump start vehicles and inflate tires on campus for Monmouth College students, faculty and staff who might need assistance with weak batteries or low tire pressure. Individuals needing help can contact Monmouth College Security at: 309-337-5708 or 309-457-2245.

Individuals in need of help are advised to raise the hood of the car to help identify the exact location of the vehicle when Security arrives at the place where the vehicle may be stranded.

Public Broadcast System

A campus-wide public broadcasting system to alert the college community to possible emergency situations has been installed.

Improved Radio System

A new repeater system for security and residence hall staff radios has been installed and will provide enhanced efficiency of the present system and will increase the range of the radios.

Security Escort

Monmouth College security will provide escorts for students round the clock to and from campus locations including college owned parking lots. To request an escort, students can do the following:

  • Call security directly at 309-337-5708
  • Call the Stockdale Center at 309-457-2345
  • Contact the RA/House Manager on duty to radio security

Emergency Contact System (Scots Alert)

Monmouth College, in collaboration with an outside emergency contact provider, has developed a system where students, faculty and staff can be alerted via their cell phones and computer e-mail accounts.

MCTV Channel 7, Weather Radio Channel

For weather emergencies the college is making a 24-hour, 7-days per week radio channel available to the campus community. In the event of severe weather, information will be broadcast on this channel. Tune in to MCTV Channel 7.

Emergency Response Plan

Monmouth College has developed a Campus-Wide Emergency Response Plan. The Plan is available online.

All members of the Monmouth College community are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Emergency Response Plan.

Important Phone Numbers

Monmouth College Security: 1-309-337-5708 (cell)
Monmouth College Security: 1-309-457-2259 (office)
Stockdale Center: x2345
Office of Residence Life: x2113
Medical Emergency: 911
Monmouth Police: 309-734-8383 and 911

Security Jurisdiction

Monmouth College security personnel refers College policy violations to the office of Student Life. Additionally, Monmouth College security personnel refers and reports criminal matters to the Office of Student Life and local law enforcement as appropriate. The College cooperates fully with local law enforcement in criminal investigations relating to crimes alleged to have occurred on or near the campus, providing them will full access to investigate and arrest violators. Security personnel have the authority to ask for identification from students, employees and campus visitors and have the authority to remove individuals from college property should they pose a security threat or a disruption to campus life. Security personnel can also contact law enforcement agencies to manage local, state and federal law violations as well as college policy violations as appropriate.

No student organizations have off‐campus housing arrangements. Although Monmouth College’s jurisdiction generally is limited to conduct which occurs at college sponsored events or on campus property, the College can and does respond to off‐campus student‐related incidents that occur in close proximity to the campus and cooperates with local law enforcement in these instances.