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Wallace Hall
Abrafi Osei-Kofi '17

Student Scotlights:
Abrafi Osei-Kofi '17

At Monmouth, we read and write a lot more than my other schools. Here, I've learned to better analyze information and think critically. more

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Fraternity & Sorority Life

The Fraternity & Sorority community at Monmouth has been an important part of our college since 1867. We currently have 8 active organizations and our members make up over 27% of the student population on campus!

Every fraternity and sorority is founded upon a set of values and ideals that are as timeless as the organization itself. These ideals are the foundation of each organization’s rituals, and each man and woman initiated into a fraternity or sorority is not simply joining a college organization; going Greek is a lifelong personal commitment to lead an intentional life grounded in a set of values that build character, foster personal growth and development, and impact the world.

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