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A vendor whose business interest has some relationship to Monmouth College’s mission and purpose will be permitted to sell items in the Stockdale Center lobby or Dunlap Terrace.

  • All vendors and sponsoring organizations must adhere to the policies. No vendor will be permitted to sell on College property without receiving permission from the Stockdale Center office.
  • Monmouth College reserves the right to limit the number of vendors on campus daily. In addition, Monmouth College will not grant any vendor campus exclusivity.
  • All vendors must submit 15% of total sales to the Stockdale Center office staff member at the end of the selling period. This may be in the form of cash or check made payable to Monmouth College.
  • Due to space limitations, only two (2) vendors will be permitted to sell in the Stockdale Center lobby. Up to four (4) vendors will be permitted to sell on the Dunlap Terrace or in the Stockdale Center Lower Level Lobby.
  • Monmouth College reserves the right to reject any or all vendors as its interests may require.
  • The vendor will be provided with two (2) six-foot tables and up to four (4) chairs on the day of the sale. Each vendor must also adhere to the maximum table allotment, regardless of whether they use the Stockdale Center’s or have brought their own.
  • Vendors must contact the Stockdale Center office to obtain the necessary on-campus parking permit. Payment for violations of MC parking regulations is the responsibility of the vendor. The Stockdale Center is not responsible for parking violations.
  • All sales must be in compliance with Monmouth College guidelines and vendors must comply with the requests of the Stockdale Center staff.
  • Vendors cannot post or hang any materials on the painted or glass surfaces of the Stockdale Center. Banners, flyers, and signs may not be affixed to the building, benches, trees, or railings.
  • Absolutely no credit card vendors.