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Fine Arts

* means there is a lab fee of $5

New - Artsy Math*
Gr 3-4 or 5-6

Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy math? This class is designed for both! Students will create using math concepts like symmetry, tessellation, geometry and measurement. No artistic skill necessary—if your can measure color, and draw a straight line (maybe with a ruler) - you can create art and learn about math.

Anna Craft, Immaculate Conception School, Monmouth

New - Creative Captains of Music
Gr. 5-8

Students will have a great time exploring what exactly makes music and what found objects (trash cans, pots and pans, etc.) can sound awesome in a music composition. We will also explore the weird and cool sounds that traditional instruments can make when played in unconventional ways - nothing is too weird sounding for this class! By the end of the camp, students will learn what it takes to compose a sound tone poem or sound song and understand and apply the process of how composers really do compose music.

Jordan Van Dyke, Department of Music, Monmouth College

New - Drum Circle
Grades 4-6
Students will have the opportunity to perform many types of percussion instruments in a drum circle ensemble. You don't need to know how to read music to perform excellently, for the rhythms are all language based, so everyone can play! Performance technique and musical concepts (call and response, complimentary rhythms, dynamics and texture) will be taught so that students can perform as part of a larger percussion ensemble that will result in a really cool performance on the last day of camp. Rhythm is FUN-damental to all people so everyone can play.

Jordan Van Dyke, Department of Music, Monmouth College

Gallery Glass*
Gr. 2-3, 4-5, 6-8

Do you have a creative side? Love to invent your own designs? Come and explore the world of Gallery Glass. You will create your own designs, then jazz it up with a fluid glass-type product. Your finished projects will be treasures to keep.

Marjorie Bond, Department of Mathematics, Monmouth College

New - Making Art with Mr. E. *
Gr. 3-5 or 6-8

Mini murals, drawing, 2-D and 3-D sculpture are just some of the creative elements of this class. Mr. Ellison will challenge you to think outside the box and create lots of different types of art from drawing to sculpture.

Chad Ellison, Galesburg High School

New - Music Makers
Gr. 3-4

Students will have a great time singing songs, playing classroom instruments, and recorders. This class is designed to keep students excited about music and continue to grow in their ability to make music. We will cover singing and dancing while learning about music from around the world. This class is designed for younger students.

Jordan Van Dyke, Department of Music, Monmouth College

Page to Stage
Gr. 2-4 or 5-8

Scripts, costumes, scenery and more! Bring the curtain up on story making, character building, scenery creation, prop making and, well…everything needed to make a play. This class will conclude with the performance of a short play that the class creates from page to stage.

Emma Willhart, Grinnell College student, Cassie Harders, Hope College, Student

Print, Scratch, Carve, Engrave *
Gr. 2-4

Learn how to print, scratch carve and engrave to make art! We will cover a variety of artistic approaches and techniques in lots of art media. Come and create with us!

Ryan Kitch, LaHarpe Community Schools