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Fine Arts

** denotes art fee of $10

Art of the Ancient World** NEW CLASS
Gr. 3-8
What type of art did people in ancient societies create? We will try to copycat some of the ancient art forms with modern day materials. Learn a little then we’ll create our own version to take home and share our knowledge.
Hannah Rillie, graduate of Monmouth College, Departments of Classics and Art

Artsy Math**
Gr 3-4 or 5-6
Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy math? This class is designed for both! Students will create using math concepts like symmetry, tessellation, geometry and measurement. No artistic skill necessary—if your can measure color, and draw a straight line (maybe with a ruler) - you can create art and learn about math.
Anna Craft, Immaculate Conception School, Monmouth

Creatures in Clay** NEW CLASS
Gr. 3-8
This class is for students who love to draw, paint, and sculpt animals, monsters and imaginary creatures. You will design, sketch and build fantastic creatures out of clay. You will apply colorful glazes and create a story to go along with your creature.
Janice Mars Wunderlich, Department of Art, Monmouth College

From the Writers Chair NEW CLASS
Gr. 5-8
Learn the basics of playwriting, from creating characters and conflicts to dialogue and resolution. Play games and build an imaginative tool box to construct the world of a short play. After writing an original script, experience a condensed rehearsal/staging process. Use teamwork and creativity to make the play come alive.
Amanda Grissom, graduate of Monmouth College, Department of Theatre

Gallery Glass**
Gr. 3-8
Do you have a creative side? Love to invent your own designs? Come and explore the world of Gallery Glass. You will create your own designs, then jazz it up with a fluid glass-type product. Your finished projects will be treasures to keep, and you will have developed a life-long appreciation for the art of stained glass making.
Marjorie Bond, Department of Mathematics, Monmouth College

Get Creative with Crayons** NEW CLASS
Gr. 3-8

We’ll do lots of creative projects that involve using the simple, not so ordinary, crayon. Our artwork will include melting crayons on canvas, using watercolors and crayons and lots more. Bring your creative side and make a splash of color!
Julie Russell, Monmouth-Roseville Schools

Making Art with Mr. E.**
Gr. 3-4 or 5-8
Mini murals, drawing, 2-D and 3-D sculpture are just some of the creative elements of this class. Mr. Ellison will challenge you to think outside the box and create lots of different types of art from drawing to sculpture.
Chad Ellison, Galesburg Schools

Page to Stage
Gr. 3-4 or 5-8
Scripts, costumes, scenery and more! Raise the curtain up on story making, character building, scenery creation, prop making and, well…everything needed to make a play. This class will conclude with the performance of a short play that the class creates from page to stage.
Emma Willhart, Grinnell College student
Ryan Dawson, Monmouth College student

Photo Safari** NEW CLASS
Gr. 3-8
Photo Safari is a beginning photography class. Students will learn the basics of using a digital camera. They will learn how to make better pictures through fun picture safari hunts in and around the Monmouth College campus. Students will also learn from each other as we learn the art of critique and viewing their Safari photo finds. Students need a digital camera on the first day of class, no cell phone cameras.
Scott Page, Department of Art, Monmouth College

Print, Scratch, Carve, Engrave**
Gr. 3-4 or 5-8

Learn how to print, scratch, carve and engrave to make art! We will cover a variety of artistic approaches and techniques in lots of art media. Come and create with us!
Ryan Kitch, La Harpe Community Schools

Trash into Treasures** NEW CLASS
Gr. 3-4
Discover how to recycle your trash into treasures. This class will focus on taking everyday items that many times end up in the trash and turn them into works of art. Bring your creative side to this class!
Julie Russell, Monmouth Roseville Schools