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Social Studies

1800’s House – NEW CLASS
Gr. 3-4 

Have you ever wondered what it was like to grow up in the Victorian Era? Discover what foods you might have eaten, clothes you might have worn, and games you would have played as a child in the 1870’s. As part of this course, you will “go back in time” by visiting a 19th-century historic house.
Mary Osborne, PhD, Department of History, Monmouth College

Around the World in 10 Days
Gr. 3-5

Experience new places around the world in our 10 days at CFK. We’ll explore other cultures through games, language, fun facts, flags, a piñata, and other crafts. You will create your own geography book to take your journeys home with you! Food allergy alert
Sue Keener, Sherrard Public Schools

Backyard History
Gr. 3-5

Dig into the history of old home and local cemeteries while learning about local history. We will discover how “our history” and that of our community is as interesting and challenging as what you might learn in a history book. We’ll do some exploring around the Monmouth College campus and the neighborhood.
Tom Best, Department of History, Monmouth College

Baseball Fun
Gr. 4-8

Would you like to learn more about the history of baseball? Do you know how baseball started and how it was played more than 100 years ago? You will learn the early rules and play by these—no gloves back then! We will learn how baseball has grown and changed over the years. Play Ball!
Tom Best, Department of History, Monmouth College

Civil War Adventures
Gr. 5-8

Do you have a fascination with events in American history such as the Civil War? In this class you will learn how historians study the Civil War with actual letters and photographs, play some really fun games that children played during this time and discover how Hollywood gets it right and wrong when portraying the Civil War on film. You will learn what it was like to live as a soldier in this most dramatic and influential conflict! Food allergy alert
Tom Best, Department of History, Monmouth College

Gr. 5-8

Do you love the musical Hamilton? Have you heard of it, but don’t know what the hype is about? The incredible, fun and highly engaging class is designed for you to learn all about Alexander Hamilton through technology, literature and songs from the hit Broadway show. Role-plays, sing-alongs, and even a scavenger hunt top the list ways to find out why some loved him and others hated him. History has never been so much fun!
Kari Caldwell, Galesburg Schools

Hamilton: The Sequel – NEW CLASS
Gr. 6-8

Did you take the Hamilton class last year? Are you a Hamilton guru? Let’s delve deeper into the history and magic of this musical. Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of early American history and politics, while also exercising your literary and poetry analysis skills? If so this class is made for you. Music, games and fun activities relating to this hit Broadway musical.
Kari Caldwell, Galesburg Schools