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Social Studies

Around the World in 10 Days
Gr. 3-5

Experience new places around the world. We’ll explore other cultures through games, language, fun facts, flags, a piñata, and other crafts. You will create your own geography book to take your journeys home with you!

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Sue Keener, Sherrard Public Schools

Baseball Fun
Gr. 4-8

Would you like to learn more about the history of baseball? Do you know how baseball started and how it was played more than 100 years ago? You will learn the early rules and play by these—no gloves back then! We will learn how baseball has grown and changed over the years. Play Ball!

Tom Best, Department of History, Monmouth College

New - Digging Up History
Gr. 3-4 or 5-8

Have you every wanted to go on an epic adventure? Journey to the past and learn about Native American culture that existed in Illinois 10,000 years ago. Learn how to use the tools of an archaeologist to explore past cultures. Discover the great prize of knowledge buried in the past.

Ariel Mackey, Galesburg Public Library

Hunting for Treasure: Geocaching 101
Gr. 4-5 or 6-8

Have you ever wanted to go on a real life treasure hunt? In this class we’ll will learn about Geocaching—a free, real world, outdoor treasure hunt. Learn about latitude, longitude, grid mapping, geo-satellites and how to use a hand-held GPS unit. We’ll hide our own treasure and challenge others to find it. If you are hunting for fun, It’s here!

Jessica Ferguson, Galesburg Christian School