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The Grants Program Office

Welcome to the Grants Program Office. You will find information below about seeking opportunities for external funding and submitting proposals, as well as links to useful external resources.

Monmouth College encourages faculty to seek external funding for curricular and scholarly projects. This is not only a way for faculty to acquire valuable support for their teaching and research programs, but is also a means by which the larger research and higher education community becomes acquainted with the work Monmouth faculty and students are doing.

You are most welcome to call the Director of the Grants Program if you would like assistance in writing your proposal, pointers regarding ways to identify possible sources of external funding, or simply to brainstorm an idea in preparation for your proposal-writing process.

The Mission of this Office: to support the college as an institution, as well as faculty and staff individually, in seeking external funding; to share resources and publicize opportunities for faculty development and institutional grants; to assist with editorial and substantive advice in the pursuit of external funding for research, curriculum development and creative work; and to participate in Monmouth's programs of institutional advancement and faculty development.


Higher Education Resources and Proposal-Writing Guides

Links to national college and university organizations that set the tone of and direction for many granting agencies' priorities and preferences (especially useful for curriculum-development proposals, proposals involving civic engagement and educating for democracy initiatives, interdisciplinary initiatives, and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning). This is the place to browse to refine your sense of the most urgent, cutting-edge, innovative topics and fields in higher education right now.

Moving Through the Proposal-Writing Process

All applications for external funding for equipment, student workers and student research partners, matching funds and/or in-kind services, leaves of absence, supplemental summer salary, and similar items must be cleared by the Dean of the College and the Business Office before submission. In other words, the College needs to know well in advance about any grant proposal that, if awarded, would require financial commitment and action on the part of the Business Office, Physical Plant, and/or Academic Affairs Office and relevant academic departments - for example, in hiring a temporary replacement in the department or in securing matching funds.

Applications for summer workshops, institutes, seminars and residencies - and other research opportunities that do not impinge on the operation of the College and its faculty and staff (beyond the applicant him- or herself) - do not require prior approval or any filling-out-of-forms. You may still wish to let your department chair and the Dean know that you have applied for, for example, an NEH Summer Institute, as they may have connections to additional resources or tips for the application process that would be helpful to you. They can also help publicize your accomplishment in the event of the award!

Memo of Interest in Applying for External Funding Form

Not mandatory, but useful in the extremely early stages of your planning process if you intend to request funding for equipment, student workers and student research partners, matching funds and/or in-kind services, a leave of absence, supplemental summer salary, or similar items with monetary implications. Because this form is largely a worksheet, you may find it helpful to complete it early on, whatever the shape of your proposal, as part of the brainstorming, initial-proposal-drafting process. This worksheet can serve as the basis for preliminary planning conversations with your department chair, faculty project partners, and the Dean.

Declaration of Intent to Apply for External Funding Form

Necessary if you intend to request funding for equipment, student workers and student research partners, matching funds and/or in-kind services, a leave of absence, supplemental summer salary, or similar items requiring action and financial/reporting/IRS commitments on the part of the College if the proposal were to be funded.

Setting up an account to manage external funds within the Business Office at Monmouth

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for Federally Funded Research Grants

Procedure for Grant Maintenance

The Controller will help you set up an account that will enable you to track the budget throughout the grant period (see PDF memo on establishing an account). You should review the grant budget on a monthly basis, at least. You will be able to draw funds from this account. You will have open access to the grant account through your Outlook system. The Payroll/Personnel Officer will help you arrange summer stipends for students. You cannot directly request summer pay for yourself: ask for a letter from your department chair (or, if you are chair, from the Dean) authorizing the summer salary. 

Remember to Double-check reporting requirements:

You are responsible for all interim and final reports; the Business Office can help you with budget reports; the Development Office will assist with the narrative portions of the reports.

Monmouth College Guidelines for travel, accommodation, conference registration and other expenditures are available on the internal Mailbox Outlook page, annually updated and posted by Human Resources. See also IRS Guidelines.