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The Cooperative Program

Monmouth College has a cooperative enrollment with The Cooperative Program at the College of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis.

At Washington University in St. Louis, architecture students take classes that engage them in a dynamic cultural and environment context through design. Students will be a part of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, an interdisciplinary and diverse community of architects, artists and designers dedicated to excellence in learning, creative activity, research and exhibition.

Students interested in pursuing Architecture spend the first three years at Monmouth College and spend senior year, including an initial summer of study, at Washington University. Students must apply to this program. Students are enrolled in advanced courses in the undergraduate architecture program, providing an effective preparation for eventual graduate studies in architecture. However, students can also complete all four years at Monmouth College and go to Washington University for their Masters degree without enrolling in this program.

Requirements for the Cooperative Program

Students who are in this program will spend the first three years at Monmouth completing the general education requirements and major requirements.

They also need to take the following:

  • One year of Math/Calculus
  • One semester of Physics
  • Two semesters of History of Western Civilization (possibly Western or World Art History)
  • A four-semester studio sequence in introductory design including exercises in the design process, 2D and 3D design, drawing, graphics, color, materials, scale, etc.

Incoming students will be required to complete the 8-week summer study offered by the Sam Fox Florence Summer Program which is already designed to facilitate the transition of transfer students into the architecture curriculum. Alternatively, students can complete it on campus in St. Louis. They will also take additional elective courses to fulfill the rest of the credits required from Monmouth College.   

The following is the schedule for senior year: 


  • Arch 201 Intro to Architectural Design
  • Arch 3823 History/Theory Course

Fall Semester:

  • Arch 311 Architectural Design
  • Arch 333 Case Studies in 20th C Archt.
  • Arch 3284 Building Systems I
  • Arch 3284 Architectural History I

Spring Semester:

  • Arch 312 Architectural Design
  • Arch 448 Environmental Systems I
  • Arch 383 Architectural History II
  • Arch 3XX Architecture Elective