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Asian Studies

Asian Studies



Through the Asian Studies minor, we hope to make Asian perspectives more accessible to Monmouth students, while continuing the school’s mission to introduce students to multiple global perspectives. The diverse opportunities available in the Asian Studies minor will introduce students to new methodological, theoretical, and cultural perspectives. This view will include the understanding of historical developments from ancient times through modern politics, which will prepare students for interacting with some of the world’s fastest growing and largest world powers. Studying early religions provides an understanding of influential philosophies that still resonate today.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore varied expressions of art, media, music, and literature throughout Asia, increasing cultural competence. The minor will also provide students with opportunities for other off-campus opportunities such as study abroad, expanding their global awareness and ability to interact with diverse populations.


 The minor for Asian Studies will require a minimum of 5 course credits, divided among the required course and electives.

  • Required: ASIA 100 Introduction to Asian Studies
  • Courses from at least two different geographical regions within Asia (i.e., China, Japan, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East)
  • Courses must come from at least two other departments in addition to History
  • At least two courses should be 200-level or above, taught from any department approved by the ASIA coordinator(s).
  • Selected courses that count towards the Asian Studies minor can be found below. 

General Asia

ENGL 350 On Orientalism
HIST 220 Asian History
HIST 320 Asian Historical Research
PHIL/RELG 300 Philosophy and Religions of Asia
RELG/ANTH 260 Cultures of the Middle East Japan


ARTD 250 Japanese Art and Design Concepts
ARTD 350 Contemporary Japanese Art
HIST 120 Introduction to Japan
HIST 120 History of the Samurai
HIST 120 Japan to 1600
HIST 120 The Japanese Classical Court
HIST 220 The Pacific Wars
JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese I
JAPN 102 Elementary Japanese II
JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese
POLS 202 Modern Japan China


CHNS 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHNS 102 Elementary Chinese II
CHNS 201 Intermediate Chinese
HIST 120 Introduction to China
COMM 294 Special Topics: Communication
COMM 394 Seminar: Communication
POLS 205 Contemporary China

Academic Travel Courses (Asian related only, must be approved for course credit)
Study Abroad Programs in Asia (Up to four course credits)

Co-coordinators of Asian Studies