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Program Requirements

Requirements for the Physics Major

PHYS 130 - Introductory Physics I with Lab
PHYS 132 - Introductory Physics II with Lab
PHYS 134 - Introductory Physics III with Lab
PHYS 208 - Classical Mechanics
PHYS 280 - Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYS 303 - Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 310 - Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 315L - Advanced Laboratory
PHYS 420 - Senior Research (consult Dual-Degree coordinator)
PHYS 350 - Science Seminar*
Dual-dual degree students take only two semesters of Science Seminar to complete their degree in three years.

Plus two elective courses selected from the elective offerings by the department. Courses from other departments (e.g. Mathematics and Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry) may be substituted for the elective courses with permission of the department.
There are a few additional elective requirements for Atmospheric Science that are not part of the Physics Major

PHYS 214 - Computational Methods in the Natural Sciences
CHEM 130 - General Chemistry
PHYS 267 - Introduction to the Dynamics of the Atmosphere
MATH 253 - Calculus III