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Program Requirements

Required Core Courses for the Biochemistry Major (16 course credits):

  • BIOL 200: Cell Biology (Completion of BIOL 150 is recommended prior to enrollment in BIOL 200)
  • BIOL 202: Genetics
  • BIOL 354/355:* Molecular Biology/Molecular Biology Laboratory (1.5 courses)
  • CHEM 140: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 220: Introductory Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM 228: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 230: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 312: Physical Chemistry I
  • BIOC 330: Biochemistry
  • BIOC 390: Advanced Biochemistry
  • MATH 151: Calculus I
  • MATH 152: Calculus II
  • PHYS 130: Physics I
  • PHYS 132: Physics II

CHEM 350 A total of 4 semesters. Two semesters must be concurrent with enrollment in CHEM 430. This is required participation component of the degree; it does not count for credit.

BIOC 430: Research (0.5 course) Students are required to participate for at least two semesters; one semester must be in the senior year. May be taken for 0.25 or 0.5 course/semester.

*Corequisite courses (must be taken concurrently)

Other Required Courses:

One upper-level science or math course

Recommended Courses Include:

One upper-level science or math course. A few courses that may be used to fulfill this requirement include:

  • BIOC 300: Bioinformatics
  • BIOL 302: Microbiology
  • CHEM 322: Physical Chemistry II
  • CHEM 340/325:* Instrumental Analysis /Integrated Laboratory (1.5 courses)

*Co-requisite courses (must be taken concurrently).

Students should consult with their advisor to determine the optional course(s) that they will use to fulfill this requirement.