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Classics, Greek and Latin

The goal of the Classics Department is to inform the Monmouth College student body at large about the issues, ideas, culture, and language of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and to illustrate ways in which these civilizations and languages influence and interact with life, thought, and professions in the twenty-first century. The Classics Department offers a personalized, broad, and rigorous program to meet the specific needs of those who wish to major or minor in Latin, Greek, or Classics.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the department offers a wide variety of courses which are designed to serve the needs of all Monmouth College students as well as majors and minors. The spectrum of courses offered includes language, literature, history, mythology, art, sport, urban planning, and other relevant topics.

Courses are offered in a unique triad program. Under this plan students with different types of skills are brought together into a single classroom and study the ancient world from different points of view. For example, some students may read assignments in the original Latin and Greek while others work with English translations. Others may read these assignments in a combination of Latin and English, or in Greek and English. Assignments in Classics courses are designed to take advantage of the unique skills, interests, and background of individual students, who are encouraged to submit their course work not only in the form of traditional term papers and written reports, but also as oral presentations, music, artwork, and websites on the internet.

Department Facilities and Equipment

The Capron Room, a Wallace Hall classroom dedicated to Classics, includes a special collection of classics books and display cases of classical art. The Classics faculty make use of state-of-the-art pedagogical technologies, including the designing of websites for individual courses, and the use of digital presentations and audience response systems in the classroom.

The Hewes Library at Monmouth College possesses a well-rounded collection of classical texts, both in the original Latin and Greek as well as in translation. It also houses a rare plaster cast of the Canopus (Tanis) Stone, a decree from Ptolemaic Egypt written in hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic. We offer many opportunities for students to conduct hands-on learning, both through our frequent trips to Mediterranean countries, and by working directly with the  ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian artifacts in Monmouth College’s  Shields Collection of Art and Antiquities. Students interested in archaeology can also take advantage of our courses in Monmouth College's archaeology research lab, which includes an important collection of Native American artifacts from western Illinois.

Off-Campus Programs

Students often participate in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Florence Programs, which afford opportunities to study classical civilization and its influence in Florence, Rome and other European cities. Individual students have also participated in summer programs in Europe. Students also have the opportunity to study as exchange students at The American College of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Departmental Internship

The department employs a number of students in a variety of capacities. Students work as language tutors, student assistants, grade papers and prepare hand outs. They also prepare book displays and assist with departmental mailings.

Classics Scholarships

Latin Scholarships are provided to first-time freshmen and transfer students. Learn more about scholarships.

Teacher Licensure

Monmouth College has an IL State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board approved program for Initial Teacher Licensure in Foreign Language-Latin (K-12). Please contact the Educational Studies Department to obtain the current requirements for teacher licensure in this content area.

Career Opportunities

  • Literary Editing
  • Journalism
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Museum Curating
  • Historical Preservation
  • Political Lobbying
  • Archival Work
  • Interpreting and Translating for the Government
  • Professor

Recent Graduates

Neil Dahlstrom ’98
John Deere

Dawn McRoberts Strauss ’03
Latin Teacher
Kenwood Academy in Chicago

Anne Cave ’12
Ph.D. Student in Classics
University of Missouri