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Students working in the MC-TV Studio
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Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies offers a major that focuses on human communication in the widest variety of settings, from face-to-face to mass media, for both professional and personal development.

The major stresses both general knowledge of the communication process and skillful development and presentation of messages.  In addition to coursework, students gain practical experience in this major through internships, independent study and co-curricular activities.

The department trains and supports a substantial group of communication and media tutors who assist beginning students in public communication and a wide range of other students across a multiplicity of communication and media settings. Communication assistants develop valuable professional skills and are at an advantage in seeking assistantships for graduate school.

Department Facilities and Equipment

A professional television studio in Wallace Hall is home to MC-TV, a series program featuring news, entertainment and original student films broadcast to the campus on cable channel 14. Recently the studios were converted to all-digital production. More than 35 students participate in producing MC-TV each semester. The studio is a versatile professional quality facility with resources for producing newscasts and variety shows. Recently a Communication Studies student-faculty produced documentary won a national award of excellence from the Broadcast Educators Association as well as a number of regional festival awards.

Radio station WMCR is a student operated campus station, broadcast through the campus cable system in FM stereo. The station has two new, professionally-equipped audio broadcast studios located in the Stockdale Center, one “on-air” and one for production and laboratory work. The studio equipment used is like that in a commercial station. More than 60 students participate in radio activities each semester.

We operate a newly constructed Computer/Media laboratory in Wallace Hall with Windows based design and editing stations for 20 students, including computers equipped with software for audio/video editing, multi-media production, graphic design, web authoring and other applications. These facilities are used by Communication Studies Majors and others around the campus for a variety of course-related and personal projects.

Media Minor

The media minor gives a broad overview of the media industry both with background in the history and effects of media to practical courses in writing and production. With the growing use of media throughout society, a media background can be beneficial in many career choices.

Internship and Independent Study

Internships are an integral part of the Communication Studies Major. All majors are required to complete an internship experience or an independent study project. Internships can be taken in a wide variety of job settings from management to radio and television, to journalism, to public relations. A listing of recent internships in the department can be viewed at the Communication Studies internship page.

The internship experience usually occurs in the Junior or Senior year or in the summer between. Communications faculty routinely advise and assist students in finding good internships. Typically students spend about eight to ten hours per week on the internship (120-150 hours). Some students elect to pursue Independent Study as an alternative to an internship or in addition to one. Through the Independent Study option, Communication Studies Majors work closely with a faculty member to conduct research, prepare for graduate work or explore in-depth a topic relevant to their career interests.

Experienced Faculty

Instructor Chris Goble, was selected to be a Faculty Fellow by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the Emmy people). Others are publishing books, and scholarly articles, designing innovative courses, or attending professional conferences.

Graduate School Opportunities

Graduates may work in business and organizational leadership, public relations, journalism or radio and television, corporate training, education, web production and design, event planning, human resources, or the law. All of these involve understanding and executing effective communication strategies, adapting messages to audiences and developing well-honed communication skills. Communication Majors routinely go on to graduate study at high quality programs.

Career Opportunities

  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communication
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Public Affairs
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Planning
  • Program Coordinator
  • Legislative Assistance

Recent Monmouth Communication Graduates

Megan Parsons ’01
Human Resources

Emily Dihle '06
"Beauty Broadcast" YouTube Channel

Traci Shaw ’08
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Malarkey Product

Jesse Barlow ’08
Project Manager
IMCOM-Europe Family and MWR Kaiserslautern, Germany

Kate Runge '11
Director of Marketing, Events Coordinator
Living Lands and Water

Luke Devlin '12
Prestigious international high school in Jiangsu, China