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Educational Studies

Think of the advances societies have made over the centuries in technology, medicine, law, art, music, science , and engineering. Each of these disciplines moves forward due to our ability to take previous knowledge and pass it on to future generations.

Education allows us to pass the intellectual torch forward and ensure that our shared knowledge, insights and creative spirit continue to regenerate and are not lost or neglected.

At Monmouth College, education is viewed as both a profession—teaching, and a discipline—the study of collective imagination and action. Studying Education at Monmouth allows you to teach the next generation in a subject area of your choice, be it Mathematics, English, History, etc., as well as the grade level in which you feel most comfortable—elementary or secondary.

Monmouth also offers you alternative visions of the instructional experience—be it preparing to work with others abroad, finding an educative purpose in health and agriculture, or advocating causes which benefit the community or those in need of support. At Monmouth, education is a theoretical and practical worldview that connects us to others, empowers us to action, and motivates us to pursue justice and the common good.

Elementary Education Major with Teacher Licensure

Students in Elementary Education serve a crucial role in our society, and Monmouth College has a continuous and reputable history of preparing promising individuals for educationally related careers.

Craig Vivian shows students all about beekeeping at the college garden

Becoming an accomplished education professional involves personal commitment and extensive theoretical and practical preparation. The Department of Educational Studies currently offers a major in elementary education and coursework leading to initial Illinois teaching licensure (grades 1-6) that rests upon a conceptual framework dedicated to the principles of knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Content Major with Teacher Licensure

Additionally, the Illinois State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board has approved the following programs at Monmouth College:

  • Content Area Major with 9-12 grade level Teacher Licensure:
    • Drama-Theatre Arts
    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Education
    • Social Science-History
  • Content Area Major with K-12 grade level Teacher Licensure:
    • Foreign Language-Latin
    • Foreign Language-French
    • Foreign Language-Spanish
    • Music
    • Physical Education

Educational Studies Minor

The Educational Studies minor explores the complex relationship between society, self, and education. It recognizes that social problems cannot be sufficiently understood, let alone addressed and solved, in the school/classroom setting alone. The minor takes an interdisciplinary approach in addressing social and educational problems through social scientific and humanistic inquiry.