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Global Public Health

The Global Public Health Program is an ideal complement to students who major in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. It is also excellent preparation for students who hope to have a career in public health, or attend graduate or medical school.

Global Public Health is an exciting interdisciplinary field that focuses on improving physical and mental health around the world, by researching disease and treatments, promoting healthy lifestyles, and studying prevention of illness and injury.

The goal of the Global Public Health Program – which includes the disciplines of Kinesiology, Modern Languages and Psychology – is to develop students’ knowledge of a variety of approaches to understanding and improving health, from an individual level to an international level.

Students in the Global Public Health Program are required to participate in either an internship focused on health or a study-abroad program focused on health, both of which deepen their understanding of specific issues and also provide excellent preparation for a career or graduate school.

A number of factors contribute to the need to study public health. In the United States, those factors include an expanding aging population as well as recent federal health-care reform. Internationally, those issues include nutrition, vaccinations and disease prevention.

Humans live longer, which has contributed to the skyrocketing costs of health care, so it has become even more important to promote healthy lifestyles and understand the multiple variables related to public health.

And the future is very bright for students who plan to work in public health – careers in public health and health-related fields are on the rise nationally. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that careers in health will be the fastest-growing sector  through at least 2022.