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About Us

Mission Statement

Monmouth College's Office of Global Engagement strives to provide meaningful and transformational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni. These experiences aim to facilitate a nuanced discovery of democracy, pluralism, equality and freedom.

By providing well-constructed domestic and international programming, the Office of Global Engagement is committed to creating an institutional culture of discovery, inclusion, diversity and exploration. International awareness and cultural competence are extremely necessary skills personally, professionally and academically for the ever-evolving global community within which we live.

Knowledge creation cannot be confined to the classroom; it is attained through discovery of one's self and our global community.

Pillars of Global Engagement

As a key component in the name and mission of global engagement, it is imperative that Monmouth situate its expansion and dedication to the global market in ethical, effective ways. The programs we intend to host, develop and market to stakeholders should not only be a benefit to those individuals; these opportunities should also promote and benefit the communities within which global experience and engagement can occur.
Global programming not only highlights different, rigorous ways to obtain knowledge. Advocacy as a concept allows global programs to engage in praxis. Global experiences are not stagnant, but the learning achieved is fluid and transferrable to a variety of personal, academic and professional endeavors. Through advocacy, we are equipped to lead and facilitate changes and innovations essential in global engagement, democracy, equality and beyond.
Global engagement allows for discovery of internal and external ideologies. Those who participate in this meaningful work should have the opportunity to interrogate their dogma and gain an understanding different cultures, traditions and customs through hands-on experiences around the world. Discovery dismantles ethnocentrism and allows us the opportunity to understand the pursuit of happiness is as subjective as identity.
Monmouth was built on creating a dynamic and loyal local community. Global engagement initiatives should focus on mobilizing the features of our local community by engaging with innovative partnerships, research and exchanges. By sending Monmouth Scots overseas, a cyclical exchange of culture occurs. By sending delegations of ambassadors on global journeys, the qualities and characteristics they acquire are made visible when they return home.