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Office of Global Engagement

Monmouth College's Office of Global Engagement strives to provide meaningful and transformational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni. These experiences aim to facilitate a nuanced discovery of democracy, pluralism, equality and freedom.

By providing well-constructed domestic and international programming, the Office of Global Engagement is committed to creating an institutional culture of discovery, inclusion, diversity and exploration. International awareness and cultural competence are extremely necessary skills personally, professionally and academically for the ever-evolving global community within which we live.

Knowledge creation cannot be confined to the classroom; it is attained through exploration and discovery of one's self and the global community.

Study Abroad Stats

Engaging in global opportunities provides a myriad of opportunities for discovery, creativity, cultural competence and more. Statistics show:

  • 90% of study abroad alumni are employed within 6 months of graduation or admitted to their first or second choice for grad school.
  • 100% of students' GPAs show improve after studying abroad.
  • 20% of study abroad students were more likely to graduate than non-participants by six years.
  • 89% of study abroad alumni reported that study abroad facilitated a greater tolerance for ambiguity.
  • 95% of study abroad participants claim to have gained maturity and self-confidence from the experience.
  • 84% of study abroad alumni felt their studies abroad helped them build valuable skills for the job market.
  • 80% of study abroad students reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt better to diverse work environments.
  • 70% of study abroad alumni claimed that because of study abroad they were more satisfied with their jobs.
  • 59% of employers said study abroad would be valuable in an individual’s career later on with their organization.
  • 34% of study abroad alumni claimed that study abroad helped them choose their career field.

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Office of Global Engagement
Hewes Library, Room 131

Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
(309) 457-2453