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Annual Labor Day Lecture

The Annual Labor Day Lecture began in 2008. The faculty of the Department of History wanted to accomplish three goals: first, to highlight important topics in labor history; second, to invite students, staff, faculty, and the Monmouth community to hear exceptional historians; and third, to bring together the History majors and minors for a celebratory start to the academic year. The Annual Labor Day Lecture is now a much-anticipated event on the Monmouth College campus!

Past Labor Day Lecturers

  • 2016: Katherine Turk, University of North Carolina
    "Beyond Rosie the Riveter: How Labor Union Women Changed American History"
  • 2015: Kyle Ciani, Illinois State University
    “Daily Grinds: Day Workers, Girl Problems, and Women Adrift in Progressive-Era American Cities”
  • 2014: Erik Gellman, Northwestern University
    “Chicagoans’ Struggle for Economic Justice in the Late 1960s”
  • 2013: George E. Hopkins, Western Illinois University
    “Labor’s Fatal Moment: Ronald Reagan and the 1981 PATCO Strike”
  • 2012: James Schmidt, Northern Illinois University
    “Tore All to Pieces: Why Childhood and Industrialization Didn’t Mix”
  • 2011: Jane Simonsen, Augustana College
    “Nobody Smiles Doing Housework But Those Ladies You See on TV: Housework & Women’s Activism in U.S. History”
  • 2010: Simon Cordery, Monmouth College
    "Mother Jones: Labor's Conscience and the Workers' Champion"
  • 2009: April Schultz, Illinois Wesleyan University
    “Blacks Only! No Irish Need Apply: The Glorification of the Mammy and the Denigration of the Bridget”
  • 2008: Peter Cole, Western Illinois University
    “Bombs and Banners: The Origins of Labor Day & Why It Still Matters”