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Major & Minor Requirements

Requirements for the History Major for students entering in the fall of 2015 or later:

The History major at Monmouth College moves from entry-level primary-source courses (how history is constructed), to courses focused on secondary sources (how historians interpret those courses), to research courses (applying the skills learned in previous courses), and finally surveys emphasizing synthesis. Our desire is to prepare you for engagement with the world after graduation by introducing and refining the skills and knowledge historians can use in virtually any professional or vocational pursuit.

A History major requires a minimum of nine-and-a-half course credits, with two mutually reinforcing distribution requirements.

  1. You must take HIST 220: Modern Global History, ideally in your sophomore year.
  2. You must also take HIST 192: History Seminar, twice—once in your freshman or sophomore year, and a second time to coincide with your first HIST 300 class.
  3. You must meet the following levels distribution requirement:
    • 1.5 credits at the 100 level
    • 2 credits at the 200 level
    • 2 credits at the 300 level
    • 2 credits at the 400 level
  4. You must meet the following regional distribution:
    • 1 credit in U.S. History (HIST X10)
    • 1 credit in Global History (HIST X20)
    • 1 credit in European History (HIST X30)

History course levels correspond to the practice of specific skills. All 100-level courses are exclusively primary-source based while the 200-level courses use secondary sources to explore narrowly defined topics through the eyes of historians and other scholars.

At the 300 level students apply the skills learned in their 100- and 200-level courses by researching and writing about a carefully defined topic. The 400-level courses are survey courses in which students gain an appreciation for a broad sweep of history. Course titles will change every year, but the skills addressed will remain the same.

History Minor:

Requirements for the History Minor (4 credits):

  1. You must take one course credit in each of the following three areas:
    • 1 credit in U.S. History (HIST X10)
    • 1 credit in Global History (HIST X20)
    • 1 credit in European History (HIST X30)
  2. You must take at least one credit each at the 100 and 200 levels.
  3. You must take any other History courses to meet the required total of 4 credits.