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Human Subjects Review Board

The main purpose of the institutional review process is to ensure the safety of the individuals who voluntarily participate as subjects in research projects.

Any research project involving human subjects that a) is conducted by Monmouth College faculty, staff, or students on or off campus and/or b) involves as human subjects Monmouth College faculty, staff, or students on or off campus must be submitted for review by the Monmouth College Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB).

Relatedly, researchers from other institutions wishing to access human subjects on Monmouth College campus must submit their proposed project to the Monmouth College HSRB for review.

When in doubt as to whether HSRB review is necessary, the appropriate course of action is to seek review.

It is the responsibility of the HSRB chair and committee to determine if a project is exempt from a full board review, qualifies for an expedited review, or requires a full board review.

The Monmouth College HSRB policies and procedures are based on federal guidelines. They also closely resemble the policies and procedures in place at the other member institutions of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM).


The Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) is comprised of at least 5 members who have the professional competence necessary to review research proposals involving human subjects.

The HSRB is sufficiently qualified to make decisions regarding research protocol through the experience and expertise of its members, the diversity of the members’ backgrounds, and their sensitivity to community issues. HSRB board membership is for staggered two-year terms, with the possibility of renewal.

The HSRB chairperson is elected by the board members. HSRB membership requirements:

  • The HSRB includes both male and female members;
  • The HSRB includes members representing a variety of disciplines;
  • The HSRB includes one member whose primary expertise is in a non-scientific area;
  • The HSRB includes one member whose primary expertise is a scientific area;
  • The HSRB includes one member who is not affiliated in any way with Monmouth College.

HSRB members are solicited and appointed by current HSRB members with approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Monmouth College faculty interested in serving on the HSRB are encouraged to contact the HSRB chair.

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Megan Hinrichsen
Chair, HSRB
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Department of Sociology & Anthropology