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Guidelines for Research

The role of the Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) is to protect the rights of human subjects used in research as well as to ensure faculty, staff, and student researcher compliance with federal regulations governing human subjects research projects.

All research projects by Monmouth College faculty, staff, or students involving human subjects* must receive review and approval from the Monmouth College HSRB prior to the initiation of data collection.

In addition, all research projects from other institutions that seek to utilize Monmouth College faculty, staff, or students as human subjects must receive review and approval from the Monmouth College HSRB.

If an entire class is conducting a project with similar goals, the instructor may complete a single proposal with an explanation about how the subjects’ rights will be protected.

Failure to receive prior review may result in disciplinary action by the College and/or legal actions against the faculty members, students, staff members, and the College; suspension or termination of a research project; and, in the case of students, potential delays of graduation.

*Exceptions to the review process include:

Projects related to teaching or classroom demonstrations, provided that these projects meet all the following criteria:

  1. They use Monmouth College student subjects.
  2. They do not use individuals from “vulnerable” populations (including, but not limited to, children, prisoners, pregnant women, undocumented immigrants, or developmentally disabled individuals).
  3. They do not involve socially unacceptable stimuli (e.g., sexually explicit materials or questions, questions about drug use, questions about sexual orientation or sexual experience, or the purposeful creation of anxiety).
  4. Findings will not be presented in any form outside the classroom.

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