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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives courses provide an exploration of communities, societies, institutions, and issues from a global perspective, emphasizing not only differences and diversity but global interconnections and integration. Each course will highlight the influence and importance of cultural differences and ask the student to understand culture as a lens through which we view the world.

Course Goals

  1. Teach students to become more informed and interested global citizens, understanding that both local and global phenomena have worldwide advantages and disadvantages, winners and losers, and positive and negative consequences
  2. Help students to understand the global ramifications of local problems and issues, and the articulation and integration of globally dispersed ideas and activities
  3. Help students understand the influence and importance of cultural differences: that problems, issues, ideas, and actions cannot be considered from only a single cultural viewpoint or within a political, cultural or historical vacuum
  4. Reinforce and expand upon the skills practiced in Introduction to the Liberal Arts, with special attention to written communication skills
  5. Expose students to multiple academic disciplines