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For Fall 2019, there will be an ILA  Convocation on almost every Thursday. Five of those convocations will be keynote addresses or panel discussions given by visiting scholars, public speakers, or alumni. Video of those five convocations will be posted below.


Date Topic Speaker
August 29 What is a Liberal Arts Education? Sonya Malunda
September 19 Reframing the Sexual Assault Conversation Tim Mousseau
October 17 Belonging A panel of MC Alumni
November 7 Think Big Saul Flores
November 14 My Journey Mariela Shaker ’15


Date Topic Speaker
August 23 What is a Liberal Arts Education? David Timmerman
September 27 Lives of Creative Commitment Hannah Schell
October 18 Self, Stranger, Community Precious Brady-Davis
November 8 My Journey Mariela Shaker ’15


Date Topic Speaker
August 31 What Are the Liberal Arts? Melissa Scholes Young ’97
September 14 The Self as a Story Dan McAdams
October 19 Can You Hear Me? Can You Understand Me? José Ángel N.
November 16 Culture Shock & Community ILA Panel