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International Business

The International Business Major is designed to prepare graduates in both business fundamentals and knowledge of the economic, political, cultural, legal, and other factors that shape sustainable patterns of international exchange, investment, and finance that characterize today’s global economy.

The program is founded on a bedrock belief that individuals are continually developing innovative new processes to solve problems in a world of constant change that embraces the best of the liberal arts traditions and values. The differences between traditional business programs and Monmouth’s approach are dramatic. The focus is long-term rather than short-run. It is integrated versus discrete. It is the difference between managing today’s problems and being prepared for tomorrow’s change. It is more than just training for a job at graduation; it is an education for a lifetime of personal and professional growth. It is not business as usual, it is more; it is an understanding of how the world works.

Department Facilities and Equipment

The International Business Program is a part of the Department of Political Economy and Commerce which is housed in the Haywood Business Wing of the new $42 million dollar Center for Science & Business. Former President Bruce Haywood’s philosophy and leadership were the inspiration that led to the creation of the Department’s unique and successful approach to undergraduate business education. The comfortable classrooms and numerous individual and team-study spaces are popular with students.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of another culture and language outside the home country or continent

  • Interpret and explain data used in the decision-making process to assess tradeoffs among alternatives

  • Contribute to the success of team-based work as a leader, peer, and subordinate

  • Clearly communicate complex ideas and business strategy through effective oral and written presentations

  • Identify the social, legal, and ethical factors involved in business strategy and incorporate these factors into decision-making

  • Engage in civil discourse with those who disagree and acknowledge the strengths, weaknesses, and risks associated with alternative actions

  • Create business plans that effectively integrate marketing, management, and finance in order to create value for customers, owners, and employees in a global context

Graduate School Opportunities

Career opportunities for International Business majors exist in all types of organizations since even small firms do business internationally via the Internet. Employers of international business graduates include: multinational corporations, financial and research institutions, manufacturers, management and marketing consulting, government, and technology companies. Graduates joining small and mid-sized firms will find many complex and challenging international business opportunities in the United States and abroad. 

Career Opportunities 

  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Immigration Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Language Specialist
  • FBI Agent

Recent International Business Graduates

Emily Caron ’10
Assistant Director, Leadership, Cultivation, and Stewardship
University of Chicago

Charles Fitzpatrick ’11
Campaign Manager
Marcus Evans

Maria Saski ’12
Amada America Inc.