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Kinesiology is the study of anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of human movement. The Department of Kinesiology offers programs in Wellness Administration, Exercise Science and Physical Education. Majors may pursue a broad array of graduate programs and career opportunities related to health and physical activity.

Students majoring in Wellness Administration will be prepared for careers related to health promotion, corporate wellness, facility management, or sport management. Students also pursue exercise and sports related business careers. The major includes an interdisciplinary component by requiring business and economics courses outside of the Kinesiology Department.

Wellness Administration also provides hands-on learning opportunities both on and off campus. Students will have an understanding of successful business and marketing practices in addition to a basic understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and exercise programming. Students may also be prepared for graduate study in areas such as sport management. Students desiring further business background may also pursue a Business Administration Minor in addition to the Wellness Administration Major.

Equipment & Facilities

The Huff Athletic Center, which opened in the fall of 2003, is a comprehensive facility for sports, fitness and recreation. The $22 million, 155,000-square-foot complex is built around the college’s original 1925 gymnasium and the more recent Glennie Gymnasium. The Huff Athletic Center is located at the heart of campus and is open daily to members of the campus community. A large addition to the west contains a natatorium with eight-lane competition pool, a steam room and sauna, and a multipurpose fieldhouse with a 200-meter track which is covered with a durable Mondo surface. The infield space accommodates jumping and throwing events, as well as practice areas for basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer and baseball.

Between the Trotter Fitness Complex and Glennie Gymnasium is a wellness suite. The suite contains the office of the fitness director, a physician’s examining room and a private conference room. The southeast portion of the athletic center, known as the Byrnes Educational Wing, houses faculty and coaches’ offices, classrooms, conference rooms and work areas.

The lower level of the athletic center contains the entrance to the indoor track. A number of newly-constructed locker rooms provide comfortable accommodations for approximately 15 varsity teams, as well as visiting teams. Nearby is a spacious training room, outfitted with whirlpool baths, training tables, and various therapeutic devices.


We have a variety of equipment available for laboratory activities and student research in Wellness Administration. This includes Dartfish video analysis software, Biopac Exercise Physiology software and data acquisition system, Monark Erogmedic 828E cycle ergometer, treadmill, InBody 230 multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance body composition analyzer, blood glucose analyzer, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, and Lange skinfold calipers. We have the capability to perform exercise and health related measures that include detailed body composition testing, indirect VO2 max testing, reaction time, EMG measurement, basic EKG measurement, blood pressure, heart rate responses, blood oxygen saturation, and blood glucose concentration.

Graduate School Opportunities

The Wellness Administration major better prepares Monmouth College graduates for business ventures related to wellness, exercise, and sports. Health and wellness related businesses will play an important role in managing health care expenses in the future.
Wellness Administration graduates may also have the opportunity to pursue graduate degrees in areas such as sport management. Individualized course selection to prepare for graduate school is also possible due to the large number of elective courses that are built into the major.

Career Opportunities

  • Performance Enhancement/Management
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaching
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Corporate Fitness Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sport Agent
  • Recreation Director
  • Technological Trainer