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The best preparation for law school is exactly the type of education Monmouth College provides.

Law schools want students to be critical thinkers, excellent writers and engaged citizens. What this means is that a broad education, when accompanied by depth of meaningful education in the liberal arts, is exactly the type of education that best provides a strong foundation for future success in law school. It also means that nearly any major at Monmouth will help a graduate accumulate the skills that will lead to a successful venture in law school.

The College has unique ties to law schools and attorneys. An active and interested alumni network works with the faculty to provide glimpses into the work of an attorney. Faculty members also have law degrees, have attended law schools, or have long-standing relationships with current law school faculty at several prominent law schools nation-wide. Local attorneys also serve as adjunct faculty members and therefore bring their perspectives to the study and practice of law to campus.

Though law schools require no particular undergraduate major or course of study, courses in constitutional law, business law, and criminology are available at Monmouth College. Students may also gain experience in law-related internships for college credit.

Developing Skills

Monmouth College classes emphasize analysis; skills in building effective arguments; writing, reading, and discussing complex articles; debate; public speaking; and viewing issues from multiple perspectives. The small classes offered at Monmouth College do not allow one to get lost in large numbers, and the size requires the student to be an engaged and dedicated student inside the classroom.

An Introduction to Careers in Law & Public Service

The Monmouth College Library is one of the oldest federal depositories in the country. Because of this, it holds a wealth of materials that relate to government and policy on site. These materials can provide for hours of research into government records in hundreds of different fields relating to government.

Monmouth College students can benefit from working on local internships; spending a semester or year in Springfield, Illinois working with and in the state government; or in Washington, D.C., working in the nation’s capital. These programs are provided through the College and offer credit. Additionally, faculty members have been active in politics and government. The faculty hopes to continue to build on relationships with members of the Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri legislatures as well as national party politics.

Preparing for the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is used by all law schools recognized by the American Bar Association as a major portion of admission decisions. This test is usually taken in the Fall semester of the Senior year. There are methods and organizations that will help prepare for this test. However, academic preparation can begin immediately by taking the types of classes listed here. It is also recommended to prepare for the LSAT by studying specifically for the test. Proper preparation, potentially including studying with an LSAT preparation company such as Kaplan or Princeton Review, can save time and allow the student to attend a more prestigious law school.

Exploring Law & Public Service Careers

Monmouth College offers a variety of means to explore potential careers in law and public service. A wide assortment of classes intended to begin a student’s exploration into the legal and public service fields are offered at the College. In addition to the classes themselves, students will often be taught by a professor or adjunct instructor with real world experience in those fields. The College also offers dozens of co-curricular activities including several prominent speakers and clubs such as the Conservative Coalition, College Democrats, Coalition for Women’s Awareness, Student Senate, and many clubs specific to departments.

Additionally, the College emphasizes collegiate-community relationships. These are fostered in various ways, but know that you will have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with local attorneys, police officers, judges, and local and state elected officials. Monmouth also has a particularly strong alumni network. There will be many opportunities during one’s time here to explore various types of legal and public service professions from the best examples a Monmouth College student could have, MC alums who have made the most of their college educations.

Career Opportunities

  • Criminal Prosecutor
  • District Attorney
  • Judge
  • Claims Adjudicator
  • Lobbyist
  • FBI/CIA Agent
  • Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Title Attorney
  • Public Defender

Recent Law Graduates

Stephanie Hilton ’07
Stephanie M. Hilton Attorney at Law

Christopher Maurer ’07
City of Bloomington, IL

Curtis Lane ’03
Barnhart Law Office, Ltd.