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The career of a mathematician in all of its various forms has been rated as one of the top five jobs by The Jobs Rated Almanac. Mathematicians are typically held in high regard on the basis of their demonstrated proficiency with numbers and formulas, and with logical problem-solving skills. Careers for mathematics majors cover a wide range of opportunities. Mathematicians are employed by banks, investment companies, and insurance companies where quantitative skills are essential. Mathematics teachers continue to be in demand.

Computer Applications:

Computers are utilized in a mathematics classroom.  Mathematical software allows mathematics to be studied in three representations: numeric, symbolic, and graphic.


At Monmouth, Mathematics students are able to use a variety of equipment that is located in the new $42 million state-of-the-art Center for Science and Business. There are three computer laboratories for Mathematics that are fully equipped with presentation technology. Students also have access to Mathematica, a high-level mathematical and scientific computational software tool.

Off-Campus Programs:

Students who choose to do so may apply to participate in the Oak Ridge Science Semester at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.  Students spend part of their time during the semester taking mathematics and science courses, and part of their time working with ongoing research projects at the National Laboratory.

Summer internships and research opportunities are often available for undergraduate mathematics students.  These are typically sponsored by the National Science Foundation and other government research agencies, and give students the chance to engage in hands-on research activities at a large university.  Usually housing and meals are provided, and students are paid a stipend for their summer work.

Teacher Certification:

Those preparing for secondary level Mathematics teaching must complete the major as specified by the department and include MATH 324. The additional requirements for certification are described in the Education Department section of the catalog. 

Graduate School Opportunities:

Graduate school programs in mathematics actively seek qualified students.  Assistantships and fellowships are available which waive tuition, and pay the graduate student a stipend.

Mathematics graduates are also recruited by other graduate programs.  Students with good quantitative and problem-solving skills are well suited for graduate studies in business administration (the M.B.A. degree) and law, as well as graduate programs in engineering and computer science.

Career Opportunities:

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Accountant
  • Financial Engineer
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Engineer
  • Operations Research Consultant
  • Statistician
  • Actuary

Recent Monmouth Math Graduates:

David George ’00
Market President
Two Rivers Bank & Trust

Mitch Tanney ’06
Director of Analytics
Chicago Bears

Kimberly Wegner ’11
Math Interventionist