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Monmouth College provides one of the most competitive scholarship opportunities in the United States for pipers or Highland drummers.

The Monmouth College Pipe Band currently has a membership of 16 students, a number of whom compete in major competitions.

Auditions must be completed before matriculation to the college. Students can not audition for pipe band scholarships once they matriculate at Monmouth College, and scholarship amounts cannot be increased once a student has matriculated.

Scholarship auditions normally correspond with the college's Fine Arts weekend, which usually occur in February of each year. All candidates must be admitted to Monmouth College before auditioning.

Criteria for the audition include:

  • March (2/4 of at least 4 parts)
  • Strathspey (of at least 2 parts)
  • Reel (of at least 2 parts)
  • 6/8 March (of 4 parts)

If you have anything special you would like to play to "show off" your talents, additional time will be allotted.


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Dr. Tim Tibbetts
Professor of Biology
Director of Pipe Band Program