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Program Requirements

Requirements for pharmacy school are highly variable. All require a minimum of 2 years of Biology, 2 years of Chemistry, and 1 year of Physics. Most also require Economics and Psychology classes.

Typical Requirements Monmouth College
Biology w/lab (1 year) BIOL 150: Investigating Biological Concepts and 
BIOL 155: Ecology, Evolution & Diversity or 
BIOL 200: Cell Biology
General Chemistry w/lab (1 year)  CHEM 140: General Chemistry I and 
CHEM 220: Introductory Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry w/lab (1 year)  CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM 230: Organic Chemistry II
Anatomy and Physiology (1 year)  BIOL 204: Human Anatomy and Physiology 
BIOL 325: Advanced Physiology
Calculus (1 year)  MATH 151: Calculus I w/lab
Physics w/ lab (1 year) PHYS130: Intro Physics I w/lab and 
PHYS132: Intro Physics II w/lab