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Program Requirements

Requirements for the Biology Major

BIOL 150 Investigating Biological Concepts
BIOL 155 Ecology, Evolution, & Diversity
CHEM 140 General Chemistry
BIOL 210 Biology Research Methods
BIOL 202 Genetics
BIOL 350 Science Seminar (2 semesters)
BIOL 440 Research I
BIOL 450 Research II

Plus 4 additional classes (those recommended for PA school are given)

BIOL 200 Cell Biology
BIOL 204 Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 302 Microbiology
BIOL 325 Advanced Physiology

Plus 3 additional classes in science/math: Recommended classes

CHEM 220 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 228 Organic I CHEM 230 Organic II

Additional classes in Biochemistry (BIOC 330), Physics (Physics 130, Physics 132) and Math (MATH 151 Calculus I) may be necessary for a competitive application for PA school.

Requirement for a Biochemistry Major

BIOL 200 Cell Biology (Completion of BIOL 150 is recommended prior to enrollment in BIOL 200)
BIOL 202 Genetics
BIOL 354/355* Molecular Biology with Laboratory (1.0 courses)
CHEM 140 General Chemistry
CHEM 220 Introductory Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 230 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 312 Physical Chemistry I
BIOC 330 Biochemistry
BIOC 390 Advanced Biochemistry
MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 152 Calculus II
PHYS 130 Physics I
PHYS 132 Physics II
CHEM 350 - A total of 4 semesters. Two semesters must be concurrent with enrollment in CHEM 430. This is required participation component of the degree; it does not count for credit.
BIOC 430 - Research (0.5 course) Students are required to participate for at least two semesters; one semester must be in the senior year. May be taken for 0.25 or 0.5 course/semester.
Also required: one upper-level science or math course

Additional classes in Biology (BIOL 204 Anatomy and Physiology and BIOL304 Microbiology) may be necessary for a competitive application to PA school.