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Commencement Policies

Effective May 2019/Approved by Faculty on 3/13/18

To be eligible to participate in the Commencement Ceremony:

  1. Students must have submitted an application for degree two semesters prior to the anticipated graduation date and either:
    1. have completed all degree requirements by the end of the spring semester of the Commencement ceremony year or
    2. have no more than 3 course credits remaining to complete their degree requirements at the end of the spring semester of the Commencement ceremony year and have a plan approved by the Registrar for completion of those courses by the end of that calendar year. Students who are completing only student teaching/seminar for a total of 4.0 course credits in the fall semester following Commencement will also be approved to participate. 
  2. Students must have confirmed their participation in the Commencement ceremony via Scots Central by April 1 of the ceremony year. Access to this confirmation process is determined by the Registrar as indicated by completion of the application for degree and intent to participate. 
  3. Students cumulative GPA must be at or above 2.0.

Note: Students who were approved to process in the Commencement Ceremony prior to completing all degree requirements may not process a second time.

The Registrar will present the list of potential graduates for faculty approval at the April Faculty meeting.

Students understand that their participation in the Commencement Ceremony is conditional upon meeting qualifications.  Students who are in danger of not qualifying because of earned course credits or low GPA will be removed from the list of participants if their spring semester grades render them ineligible.  

Regalia/Honors Designations for Graduates

Only regalia for the following Honors designations are approved to be worn at Commencement.  Students who have completed all of their coursework with a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 graduate cum laude; with 3.75 or higher, magna cum laude, and with 3.90 or higher, summa cum laude.  No College Honors can be given until ALL course work is completed.  

  • Summa Cum Laude – Pendant
  • Magna Cum Laude – Cord
  • Cum Laude – Gold Tassel

Designations for the following honors may be worn by Commencement ceremony participants who have met the specific eligibility requirements for the program or society:  

  • Honors Program
  • Mortarboard Society
  • Membership in national honor societies specific to a major as determined by the academic department chairperson.
  • Membership in national honor societies such as Blue Key and Alpha Lambda Delta.

Payment of all current financial obligations to the College is a prerequisite to receiving the degree. Failure to meet such obligations will prevent participation in Commencement activities and the issue of transcripts.