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Academic Honesty

What is “academic dishonesty”?

Taking credit for academic work that is not your own.

Academic Dishonesty includes:

  • Plagiarism
    • Copying from published sources
    • Copying from the internet
    • Copying from other students work
  • Inappropriate collaboration between students
  • Cheating on homework, labs, exams

Why is academic honesty so important?

  • Grades (and eventually diplomas) are awarded on the basis of faculty evaluation of individual student learning and performance. The integrity of your Monmouth College diploma is at stake!
  • Trust between faculty and students
  • Your reputation is at stake!
  • Giving credit where it is deserved

Words of advice:

  • Always use correct citations in your written work
  • If you don’t know how to do this, ask your teacher or go to the writing center
  • Don’t copy other students’ homework in any circumstances
  • Don’t give a copy of your homework to another student
  • Studying together does not mean copying
    • You can (in most circumstances) discuss the assigned work
    • You can ask questions
    • You can give advice
    • You cannot copy (even parts) of another student’s work
    • If you don’t know if it’s OK to work together, ask!
  • You must do your own work because that is what the professor is responsible for evaluating