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Women’s Studies

The Women’s Studies Minor was included in the Monmouth College curriculum in 1990. This minor is multi-disciplinary and considers feminist theories and perspectives in courses across the curriculum.
Women’s Studies includes the careful consideration of feminist theories and perspectives and the examination of gender inequalities and issues. The multi-disciplinary approach emphasizes the breadth of disciplines in which feminist criticism is taken seriously.

Key Features Of The Minor

The interdisciplinary nature of the Women’s Studies Program affirms multiple feminisms and diversity of feminist thought. The minor stresses the skills of critical thinking, analytical and synthetic thinking, clear and organized prose writing, discussion strategies, feminist praxis, and the importance of making wide-ranging connections across traditionally conceived boundaries.

This minor was created to be flexible, to enhance all majors, and to consider and question human assumptions about gender and gender relations.

Department Facilities and Equipment

Most Women’s Studies classes are in Wallace Hall. The college's centerpiece facility also houses the offices of the president and academic dean, general classrooms, grants office, the Trotter Computerized Classroom, a multimedia production lab, and faculty offices for history, government, classics, education and communication.

Objectives of the Minor

  • To encourage the members of the MC community to think critically and sensitively about gender and gender issues.

  • To sharpen students’ critical awareness of how gender operates in institutional, social, and cultural contexts and in their own lives.

  • To introduce students to critical gender theories including feminism(s) in a demanding intellectual environment.

  • To introduce students to women’s history, feminist theories and criticism.

  • To provide a critical theoretical framework through which to view and assess knowledge of gender inequalities within and across cultural contexts.

  • To strengthen student ability to write and speak coherently, logically, analytically, and correctly through research and application of feminist criticism.

  • To understand how feminisms and feminist critiques are used to make informed judgments that strengthen community, build public policy, and reconfigure sexist institutions—currently and historically.

  • To understand how feminist thinking and feminist criticism have impacted and/or challenged traditional disciplines of the liberal arts.

  • To understand women’s major contributions to knowledge and art which have been historically overlooked and/or marginalized.

  • To heighten student’s awareness of the complex intersection(s) among gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Career Opportunities

  • Women’s Right Advocate
  • Columnist
  • Social Worker
  • Communication Manger
  • Market Research
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Advertising
  • Book Critic
  • Congressional Aide
  • Attorney

Recent Women’s Studies Minor Graduates

Heaven Walker ’03
Philosophy Professor
Ashford University

Sarah Miller ’07
Senior Business Analyst
State Farm

Angela Lindorff ’12
Accounting Clerk
ALE Solutions, INC

Program Coordinator