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Summer Advising & Registration

Welcome to Monmouth College! It is great to be a Scot!

We are excited you have chosen Monmouth College as the place to earn your college degree. Monmouth College, as a residential liberal arts and sciences college, is completely focused on undergraduate education, that is, completely focused on our students, on you. Each of the faculty and staff members on this campus have chosen to work here out of deep love for students and profound commitment to the concept of a liberal arts education. We eagerly anticipate your arrival on campus!

Your first year at Monmouth begins with the summer advising and registration process. This early registration will get you off to a good start as you choose the right set of courses for your first semester and become acquainted with your academic advisors and the very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people in the Registrar's Office.

The next steps for you are:

Please complete these forms as soon as possible.

The Monmouth College webpages are full of useful information about departments and programs, special academic opportunities and general education requirements. Useful links include (but are not limited to):

In order to start the fall registration process, our Registar, Kristi Hippen, will place you into recommended and required courses for your major (if you’ve indicated a major) and the MC general education program. She will email you your fall semester schedules by mid-June, with contact information for your academic advisor. By email, you and your faculty advisor will then review this course schedule, as well as other courses that interest you. Together, you and your advisor will decide on the right combination of courses to help you have a successful first semester (course changes are certainly possible over the summer). You may also change courses after your arrival on campus in August - it is not difficult to do so, at all.

What is the right combination of courses for you? Here are some things that should happen in the first semester at Monmouth. If you are a first-year student, you should cultivate the study skills and habits you need to be successful in college. You should explore potential academic majors and intellectual interests. You should work to develop your abilities oral and written communication and quantitative reasoning, which will help you flourish in any academic major you choose. You should find mentors and advisors amongst the faculty, and identify the academic and student-life resources (offices and people) available to help you succeed. If you are a transfer student, you should move comfortably and quickly into the courses you need to complete your major requirements as well as the general education requirements for your bachelor’s degree by working closely with your academic advisor and other faculty mentors.

The right combination of courses is one in which you are able to be successful and challenged at the same time. Be prepared to be engaged, excited, confused, and sometimes uncomfortable in your classes. This is what true learning is all about! Plunge in; get involved; ask questions – and enjoy the process of learning and intellectual growth in a uniquely supportive undergraduate educational setting.

Our goal is for each student to have a successful and rewarding academic year. How well you do ultimately depends on you – so take advantage of the academic opportunities Monmouth offers! The courses you take and the contributions you make within those courses will be deeply informed by your interests, needs, and background. Your schedule may be different from that of another Monmouth student, but it will be right for you!

Just as you have spent much of the last year thinking about starting college, we have spent the last year getting ready for you. The core relationship at a liberal arts college is that which exists between a faculty and a student. This is the heart of your academic experience! We look forward to getting acquainted with you and helping you begin the journey that will take you from summer advising and registration to graduation, all in four (or fewer) short years. These years will go quickly. Cherish them.