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Monmouth College Bucket List

The Monmouth College student experience

The following items have defined the experience for Monmouth College students over the years. Some are decades-old traditions. Others are no older than Snapchat. Regardless, many of them are things that Monmouth College students and alumni have found to be vital aspects of their time here.

They are some of the things, oftentimes outside of the classroom, that makes this experience such a rich and valuable one. Feel free to print off a copy for yourself. We invite you to start checking things off as soon as possible! You might even get a chance to do a few as prospective students.

  • Attend as many Orientation events possible (especially the Play Fair and the Walk Out)
  • Make at least 2 friends in your ILA class
  • Have a pork tenderloin sandwich at Maple City Restaurant
  • Visit the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center
  • Find an advisor who you connect with after ILA
  • Learn one of the many school songs
  • Try all of the food in the caf one day — all you can eat!
  • Get in a routine of going to the Huff — the freshman 15 are a real thing
  • Don't be embarrassed to post everywhere about falling in love with bagpipes
  • Go to the Turkey Bowl between Monmouth and that college east of town
  • Have a taco at the Italian restaurant Alfano's (yes, you read that right; they're awesome!)
  • Get an apple cider slushie at the Warren County Fair
  • Rent the Peterson movie theater
  • Climb the rock wall in Trotter Fitness Complex
  • Go to the “midnight” breakfasts during finals week
  • Study abroad! Short term trips count
  • Become friends with Penny and Mary in Stockdale (best omelets ever!)
  • Get sung to by the Sassy Lassies and/or Scotsmen
  • Go tolfing (golf with tennis balls around campus)
  • Attend the Prime Beef Festival
  • Take a workout class in the Huff (kickboxing, yoga, etc.)
  • Watch our marching band/pipe band/choir, etc.
  • Attend a Christmas Convocation
  • Rent a bike from Stockdale
  • Check out the bacon cheeseburger at Papa's
  • Participate in Scholars Day activities (co-ed slow pitch softball, research presentations, etc.)
  • Talk to an alum at Homecoming (requiring you to go to Homecoming events)
  • Attend an ASAP event. Then go to more
  • Watch a production at Wells Theater or the Fusion
  • Drink a cup of Scots Roast, our very own coffee that is brewed in collaboration between chemistry and business students
  • Attend Greek events even if you aren't Greek—the Greek week show, Xi Man, Reading is Fundamental, spaghetti dinners, pancake dinners, etc.
  • Go to a fancy event in the Highlander Room or other place of importance