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International Student Scholarships

Private Scholarship Search

As you begin your college search, you may conduct a private scholarship search as well. An important thing to note is that Monmouth College accepts 100 percent of private scholarships without reducing institutional dollars. Instead, we reduce the self-help portion of your Financial Aid package (the amount you pay, the amount you borrow, or the amount you work through the work-study programs). This is an unusual advantage to students as most colleges and universities will reduce their own institutional dollars to students when private scholarships are received.

Although there are many websites that will allow you to conduct online searches for available scholarships, Monmouth College is excited to be able to offer our students an opportunity to utilize the Scholly app for your smartphone or tablet for free. Use the Scholly App, then create a login and password and begin searching!

Anytime Monmouth College staff are notified of a scholarship opportunity for our students, we forward the information to Scholly for inclusion in their database. For this reason, we direct all students (both prospective and returning) to the Scholly app to search for scholarships to help offset your educational expenses.

Scholly App